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Related article: Date : Wed, 28 September 2011 22 June 13 -0600 From: andrewgay41 hotmail. Chapter 29 n With Andy Lake 18 years or more to read this story - broken tears 29 broken tears : com Subject. Stop, if the idea is repugnant to the relationships between same-sex couples sex , and if so, they are, what the hell are you here? ? Thank you, Stephen, are available for treatment and disposal. All usual disclaimers apply. If you will not be reading this, , then it should not, but I know I can not stop. * Sigh * All these characters are fictional, all made by me, thank twisted my fantasy, but erotic. I am the author, so obviously I have the history and copyrights. You can only n be distributed or downloaded for personal pleasure with my approval. E -mail to: andrewgay41 hotmail. com ------------------------- follow me on Twitter: http://twitter. com / # / AndrewLake3 --------------------------------------- - ------------------------ --------- Summary - last chapter, Brandon camand friends and a number of people! : D. On the other hand, Trevor decided that deeply in love with Ty that Bran could not Ty and decided again, s to spend with your father from Canada... In other notes, Li is happy with Jeremy, but Jeremy is sad because his best friend is gone. Dina and Drew plan to return to Brandon Tyler seductive and get drunk enough so that s confused with Drew Tyler. Well, I hope you enjoy this chapter! We are fast at the end of history there! I hope you'll stay with me till the end ok? ? : D I love you all Thank you for reading and e-mail... The people are amazing !!!!!! U Thank you, Stephen, for his help with editing the whole story. -------------------------------------------- - ------------------------- ---- a chapter to go, people ! ****** ***************** evil plans - Chapter 29 * *************** ******* [Brandon POV s] I awoke with the sensation of sunlight on my face. I yawned loudly and faithl Ty head gently on my pec wall. She was still wearing my large black shirt and it looked so damn cute in it. He yawned, rubbed sleep from his eyes, sat Indian style, and smiled. " tomorrow," he said as he kissed me and gently on the lips. I do not know why, but just kiss those lips that makes me go fucking wild, I grabbed her neck and pulled him towards me. I wanted to push my ​​tongue in her mouth, but refused to allow this to happen. I groaned and approached him and tried again, but he refused and pushed me away from him. "What am I doing wrong?" I asked angrily, as he looked down, eagerly. he laughed, and smiled. "morning breath" he said with a smile on his face. I blushed and rubbed his neck. " Sorry, babe, but you make me angry. " I said, blushing deeper. " Yes, I noticed. " He said, smiling. He sat Indian style and somehow made ​​a face. "What 's going on? " I asked, as he denied it. " Nothing. Do not worry. " Thehe smiled. " We're going to brush your teeth, baby... I want to kiss you. " I said as I was out of bed, got up and screamed in pain and winced. " Ahh," he complained, and sat down on the bed. I hastened to him. " Hun, what's going on ?" I asked anxiously, my heart rate Preteen Nude Pics increases. that blushed. ", Y- and- have to leave my pain. " He said, blushing and looking down with an embarrassed look n in his face. " Ohh shit, baby. I'm sorry. " I said, feeling guilty... But somehow proud. I knows, right? There is such a good friend. "Like hell you are! You Smile!" She said with a frown on his face. " I'm sorry, love, but somehow it makes me proud that I have for you. " I feel my cock harden. I was still naked, so it seemed to grow Ty. " One of even thinking about it. " He told us me. I sat in bed and put it in my lap and hugged him. "Love, I'm sorry, I have pain, but it makes me somehow proud to me, so, so sore left... I know I should not feel sothis. "I said as I kissed her hair. " Well, I'm well and good, has a lot to me. "He said, with an n laughter when he hugged me. " Are you an ointment, baby? I can rub on you. "He said as he nodded. " In this closet. "He said, and pointed to the dresser. I went and I out of it. I said, when it became " in " roll. I opened her asscheeks and gasped. His ass was really red and is not completely closed yet. 'm ointment on his fingers and began to apply it, which moaned and shuddered pain in me. finished and my fingers clean. " What is it? " He asked, as he lay on his bed. " very painful, love... I'm sorry... I'm gentle. "I said, as n I put to him and kissed her lips. Her lips are so addictive. " Do not worry... I am a Big Boi... Y... I liked it. "He said, blushing. " Well, baby, I have to... I go to the practice team within 20 minutes. "He said, as I stood up and grabbed a towel from her dresser ". Ok... I'll take a nap. " He said he huddled in the bhg. " OK, baby. " I said walking to the bathroom. " I love you. " He said as he closed his eyes. " Me too," he said, smiling warmly as he winked at me and went to the shower. I took a hot bath and a black T -shirt and some sweats. E n 'in my car and went to driving school. I do not like the practice weekends, but with the great game in the near future... It is always important, and I have n aspire to it. When I drove, I realized something. Shit ! MAJOR SHIT ! ! I came from... I soo, was Ty... Fick involved, I have the shit! The coach knows that probably now, and what the hell do I do? I wanted to return, but I know I Ty would be disappointed. I went. I have to avoid, right? I firmly gripping the steering wheel when parked in the school parking lot. I went from in my truck and looked across the football field. I gulped when I way to the camp. I went with my gym bag on the shower doors. I opened entered, and heard a few marbles in it... I opened the door,and placed almost immediately. The eyes were on me. Then I hear the voice coach. "Lawson Get your ass here now ! " The coach yelled from his office. Vi down and went to his office. I opened the door, as a gesture I n sit. I sat and waited, as in the other side of the table and down. " What is going on the bus? " I asked, feigning ignorance. " You know what's going on, Brandon... What the fuck? You are the n quarterback, you need to play... why not wait just before n was the shit ! " said I looked worried and angry. " I know, sir... sorry... But I 'm from Tyler, and Preteen Nude Pics I had to fuckin wrong with him because I just wanted to look. I'm bi coach... And I really have feelings for Tyler. "I said as he looked at me, his face softened. " Well, I'm not a fanatic or a fool Brandon... I do not care what your sexual orientation... You could damn dog for my sake, but... Some kids do not feel good to be with you gay, and I am veryRRY, I I am. Tyler is a sweet guy, and I 'm happy for you... But the team does not want you here... "I said sadly, and ran a hand through his hair s. " Ok "I said and stood up. I put my gym bag and left the office of s. I knew I would say more but I do not want to hear anything if not... football is all I know, and one of the things I like... the adrenaline when I'm on field, air, and attack as I take... I 'm sorry powerful and strong. How would I feel if a group of friends supossed only crushed my dream of shit. I went to the dressing rooms another time. guys looked at me with disgust. " I'm glad we have the team fag... I swear, I was cheking out. "Alex, n a line of meat boy said. I stopped and went to where I was. " What? "Asked I approached. Trembled with fear. " N -n- nothing. "He moaned. " In bi. Learn the concept, idiot, and then twice does not mean that I am to review each type... I like Ty because it is hot, and I think it interesting... You, you're a stupid bastard, ugly and you know it. "I mocked him. He looked at the floor. " S -s -sorry, "he said as a backup. N " It is better to be... All of you. I support you and damn the team , and this is how you thank me? Ask the coach for me to leave the computer ? Really? Damn you all to know how much this means to me ! This is my damn ticket to college. You all know how long of shit I put on life here and all you 've done for you ! We have the last game of the season because it helped me ! Check the numbers... Most points were made by me... We are a team... Fucking Brothers... Not every backstabbing asshole... I thought you were fucking all my friends, " spat with anger and tears threaten to get out of my eyes. Silence only cold laugh when I walked into the gym. I went to my sense of self a tear slide down my cheek. I dismissed them and threw my bag on the back truck. "Brandon !" I shouted someone behind my head. I saw Mason, Brad and Vince Running for me. I hurried away even more with getting the devil. "What the hell you want? " I asked how was closing in on me. "We have never voted for you... " said Mason, as he looked down. ". I know not, Mason... I know your brother is gay and all the" I said : smiled. " Well, Vince and I do not vote you out... " Brad said, smiling shyly at me. " Really? " He asked with a raised eyebrow. "Vince is bidirectional, so I am.. We have to tell the team, perhaps, the planning n with what they think of things. " Brad said he smiled at me. " Really? Well, thank you... you have to go back to practice.. I want to go to drink. " I said with some sadness. "Cool " Vince said Mase and when she returned to school. " Sooo... you are serious and Tyler? " Brad said as he walked near me. " Well... it's hot and all, Brad, but Ty and I are very serious. " I said sadly. " Well, I've been overwhelming in the wayone and a half... So if you things always end up with Ty... I'm here. "I said, smiling. " I doubt it, but I'll consider. "I said politely. He smiled broadly n and ran. N I got in my car... But sadenned by the fact that most of my colleagues just I got kicked out of the team.. so I thought we were Preteen Nude Pics all sooo damn by. I went to the nearest bar, came in and sat at the bar Lee... you knew me here, so I never asked for my ID. I Joe see, go to Eder beard on me. "Damn, bro. You look like someone killed his puppy. "He told me a drink mixed with n before me. " Well... I kicked off the team... Ciao scholarships... "He said, smiling wistfully " Well, the rent charged, the man... They can in an Ivy League without scholarship. "He said as he handed the drink to a man. " Well... But I want to be my power... What I do is me, "he said as he smiled at me. " Well, why do not you just a little pain... Tequila? " He said when he Ia shot. I smiled and drank hard. The burning in the throat of my s was tempted to drink a little more of the same. "" Nother one "he said, while serving. I drained it again and I felt my body hot. It took me five tequilas by the end of the night... that s almost 08th 00 hours, when I decided to go. I tried to call, Ty, but I too drunk to even move... I was looking for his number, fuzzy on my phone. I 1 and mark the pressing speed... At least I thought so. " Hello? "I heard the voice of Dinah in the receiver. " Ohh shit... Sorry. That's not Ty. " I dragged my words. " Brandon, you're drunk ? " He asked anxiously. " Well, I 'm just a hand, but I see four. ' I drunk on the phone. She laughed and said. "I call for pick Ty... Where are you? " He asked. " at the bar. " I replied. "What bar? " She asked again. "Guess," I said laughing drunk. "Brandon is not funny... Where are you? " He repeated. "In Tye Tye bar... sounds like Ty. Hehe. "I laughed when she hung up. I put my head on the bar and after a few minutes, a figure pushed my ​​shoulder. It was blurry, but it looked like Ty... His hair some grow ? " Hey, Brandon... Come on, love... you're too drunk to drive. " He said... However, his voice was a little different. Must be the alcohol. I continued as Ty I grabbed her hand... But his hand did not feel soft or warm. "Ty are you? " I asked, as he opened the car door for me. I sat down, and ran to the driver's side. " Yes, Dear... Who else ? " He asked in an offended tone... Shit, I'mma be in problems. " Sorry, babe... got to be the alcohol. " I said as I leaned back in his chair. It s started the car and walk away. short, we arrived at my house. He took the keys and opened the door. I s wine and held it for balance. " We're almost there, baby. " He said, but still had something in his voice... It seemed like Tyler. " Ok", told him to go in my room. He opened the door and lay down in theCama. I saw someone enter the room, but I could not tell who was because it was blurry. " Well, you have the video tape... " Ty said the other person. " Yes, I know... Just open, what Preteen Nude Pics to do with it. " A woman's voice Tyler told me in the bed spread. Gently kissed my lips and began to play all over the body. "Ty Ty... ?" I said, groping her body.. Ty did not feel like. I have tried tried to order some more, to touch my baby, the feeling, but could not. " Mmm, Brandon. I love you. " He whispered as she grabbed my cock. Massage gently while moaning. " You are Ty? " I groaned when I masturbated drunk. " Of course, love. I am your Ty. " He moaned as he stroked me harder. " I love you too. " Moaned as we kissed passionately. [ Ty POV] n left the bathroom to dry my body with the towel. I felt rather than in the morning, the swelling and pain reduction were the ointment, and somehow returned to normal. I switched to cotton pj and B soilsRandon shirt. It was great for me, but it felt so comfortable, and there are n le smelly. I smiled when I jumped out of bed and laughed as I thought on Brandon... The bad-boy grin. It almost seems as if laughing. I sighed deeply, as my pillow pressed firmly on the chest. I is about to fall asleep, but suddenly my phone rang. I stood up and grabbed it. " Hello? " I asked the recipient. " Hello, I 'm Ty..... teammate Brandon Mason," he said by telephone. " Yes, because there is something wrong ? " I asked over the phone. " Now we have really good news for the great man... Coach agrees that him back in the team," he said excitedly over the phone. " Wait. Do you get to start? " I asked anxiously, as n to my shoes. " Yes.. I thought it was going to his coach sent him home... Well, if left , most of the guys on the team bus said they felt uncomfortable n \\ \\ him with equipment, for which he was kicked out of a sense... But we talked with , andCoach agreed to readmit. "He said excitedly. " Well, that 's good news. Football is everything to him... I'm on the path space right now and let him know, ok ! " I said with a smile as wide as I slipped into my crocodiles ny order ran out of my room key on the phone. I ran down the stairs, Li grabbed the keys to my car and got into the car smile. I have in my seat belt and started the car. I checked the mirror and was sent to the street. I almost never drive. 'm good at it, but the memories of running, if driving, memories of my mother... from that day. I drove slowly, because I took some deep breaths. " do not worry... Everything will be alright. "I told myself when I heard the horn of a truck coming from the other side of the road. I panicked the brakes. The truck went through my car as I have found a n couple of breaths, and I leaned my head against the steering wheel I went to the from street to street and kicked and beaten the car seat uncomfortable. "Why I can not get over what ? "I asked myDespite the rain drops splash slowly in the windshield. I laughed dryly. It always rains when something goes wrong in my life.. I sighed and rested my head against the wheel, I went hand through his hair as tears stained my eyes. I started thinking, about my mother. I heard her scream at the moment of impact. I felt his for my body... " You were my world, baby... " Those were his last words. I let a few tears running down my face. I thought his arms around me. I left the accident without a single scar or zero minor... You died for me. I went so far in my head. the light of our truck - dazzle therefore grabbed the steering wheel hard and not everything possible to turn on the side of the road, but we were close. that knew that was hit. She unbuckled his belt and threw me in the the back seat of my body to yours. This memory was fresh in my mind, and I tried to get rid of it, get rid of the feeling of despair. that at whuman rights education in the light of the truck -blind, I was confused. I do not knows what to do... Perhaps it might have helped my mother... Maybe we both made ​​ live... would have led me back to the store sounds splash of rain. "Brandon," he whispered softly, and his image as an angel came to my mind. He smiled at me... She hugged me, and I remembered that day in the farm if it stirs within me. "The rain is not bad, I love you... say it's bad luck, but finally we are together. I said I love you , and it's raining. " He said as he kissed me gently. I smiled at the memory. And, like my mood was gone. I started the car and took a deep breath, look, my heart, my longing Brandon. The rain -I smile as he drove faster. I parked in front of Brandon House, and went in the rain, I can absorb. " The rain did not hurt me... because Brandon has promised to be there when s has been raining. " I thought silently as he walked in the door. [Brandon Viewpoint s] My shirt was when Ty and I did it with passion. I heard a few symbols out of the rain, Preteen Nude Pics and my brain began to dial. "Ty... Baby, it's raining... I'm with you... always. " I said trying to keep it. I had it, but did not feel well. Something was off. "What are you talking about?" He asked me how I tried to hug him tight. " I do not know how they feel about Ty. " I said, as tears stained my eyes. "I'm Ty, Brandon! " Said indignantly. " You're not my... Ty Ty Give me! " I said when I got drunk and I him away from me. "Peace Brandon. I am here for you. " He said, running towards me. " You are not Ty Ty... Please... I... It's raining, and I promised that n it... Please give me my Ty. " He said , tears streaming my face. I drunk at the door. " Dina, this is not working. " Said the voice more or less. " Dina helps me... I do not know where Ty. " I said to the foot of the lack of definition in the room, and Dina was holding a video camera. "Anyway, Drew. We have enough to edit footage, so it seems to said he loves you... "She smiled at Drew... Who is Drew? " Well, then release. "I said as they walked toward the door, and saw it. " Wheres Ty? "I asked again. I looked at the window, fell like rain on me... I remembered my promise. The rain scary. I try not afraid of him... I can not be afraid him. "What about him? "I have heard asked Dina sour. " What do you mean ? "I asked, holding me against the wall. Then I felt it was a success in the face, and I am disappointed. N dragged me away in my room and vomited. I stood pressing hard stomach rubbing the vertigo of my eyes. the room seemed lighter. "What 's good about what I made ​​for him! "She screamed outraged. " Dina, we.. he threw. He'll be getting disillusioned. "Drew said... I looked le... DREW ! N " What the hell are you doing here ? " Then I told him... And that is if I solved the puzzle of my head.. He was the one who was in bed joke h. "We are at the end of her relationship with Ty. Does not deserve to be happy. " Drew said bitterly.. " Well, I know what you're doing... Your plan will not work " I said, look at the video camera Dina. " Dina... You're right... I do not think there's more. " Drew said Dina as tears streamed down her face. " You think I care? Do you really care about this stupid plan ? i dont want you back Brandon I love you, why you have to pick on me ? A Jeremy lost time... I do not want to lose you too... " that said he came to me. " Dina, are not the problem... I love Ty more than anyone I loved or will love," I said I was trying to calm down as he hugged her. " But I can change, Brandon... I can be like him... I can be better. I to make you happy. " She wept as she kissed me, and pushed him gently. "Sorry, I can not.... Dina 'm in love... Please understand, I know please.. ". I pleaded. "Fuck ! TyShit Do not listen to him... He Dinaseem to care we communicate with you ! Ty and does not care ! That you care. " Shouted Drew the center of the room. " I care. "A voice said through the door.... Ty was impregnated with the rain. His blond hair had grown a little, everything was wet and dirty, and the n to his blue eyes as he looked Dina glazing. wore my shirt look cute in it, and smiled. it looked as beautiful as it went to Dina. "What? " Dina said coldly watching Ty. " I'll see you, Dina... I care a lot. You are my friend... I know I screwed. I'm sooo bad. I knew I loved you and Brandon... I am aware of , but... I could Preteen Nude Pics not stop. I could not stop falling for him... Do you know how wonderful and how great it is... You can not I love him because of... However, you can add me to sleep with him during the guilt have been together... I know I messed up, but fell in love with the type. "He said that when he approached her. My heart swelled in my chest when I saw talk to him Preteen Nude Pics about me. " Preteen Nude Pics But you knew... you knew how much she loved him, and that only took him n me that simple! " She snapped with anger in his eyes. " I know, Dina, and I'm sorry. I really am, but I do not feel like I n to him, because I've never been so happy... I'm sad to see how things chopped. 're beautiful, Dina... I know, you find someone only have one very happy. I know that sounds like a lie... But look at me... Jeff lost... broke I sooo bad. I lost Tom, and I thought it was over love, but I noticed Brandon... You will be happy... "he said as Preteen Nude Pics he hugged n Dina. He tried his hands, but eventually lead to its hug. " I can really be happy? " She sobbed in fear of his shoulder. " You... You deserve it. " He said as he assures his words. " Dina, do not listen to him. " Spat angrily Drew. ", maintaining that... stop poisoning their minds! " Ty said, moving away from Dina and Drew. " We have unfinished business, cutie. Preteen Nude Pics " Drew said whilethrew a punch Ty direction. Ty does not even flinch, as a fist flew toward him, and he grimaced when it hit the stomach. He grabbed his stomach and groaning in pain. I jump when Ty Drew raised his hand as if to say not to move, anger n through my body knowing that someone hit my baby. "Is that better? Bring back Will Punch Tom ? " Ty asked as he walked about Drew. He drew looked down while walking back to that into the wall. Ty looked cold and angry with Drew, as he closed the distance. " return. " He called spat with anxiety. "C'mon, hit me again... Not as much as you want... Tom is not coming back, not No matter how much you 're going to get what I get angry. Do what you want hostile... me... Come on! " Tyler shouted into it, and Drew 's nose was, as he pushed the burning Ty. " You know what, Fuck you, I will contact you, I swear. " Drew said as n opened the door and ran. Ty punched in the wall and refused in it, the tears threatening to leave their eyes. I saw Dina. " Take care of him, Brandon... And do not worry about me... It's time to take Get used to the two, but I'll try... I'm sorry. " He said when it was the door. " I'm really worried, Dina. " Tyler said, not looking away from the wall. Dina smiled weakly and closed the door. Ty walked slowly, and he hugged me n and buried his face in my chest. " Shhh, baby... All is well... We'll be fine. " I said when I brought him n in the bed and put him in silence. I went to the bathroom and brushed my ​​teeth. I went out, as he pressed the pillow, and I got in bed with it. She hugged me tightly, as the cushion provided forgotten on the bed. " I love you. " He said as he kissed my lips. I looke, smiled at him, and. " I have to say a new word, as I feel for you. " He said kissing the nose. He smiled softly and sighed in her sleep on my chest. will be a hard way... But if Ty, I know I'll be fine... Like s long as I'm with Ty... I'll be fine. ============================================================================= The next chapter will be up sooon I hope you enjoyed this story, and as you may have noticed, has Enter a personal meaning. I hope that has given you. : D Thanks for reading, and I hope you like my story so far. If no read my story together in a list, called Aphrodite and the curse. It the past, so you must look up. It is necessary in the first 50 floors. Thanks again, and please e- mail that I andrewgay41 hotmail. com, if as my story. Writer, if I call myself love the feedback, and are not too shy ask personally. Please enter the story I comment. Thank you, Stephen, for editing. You are awesome! N HOPE CHAPTER marked. Stick around because things are going to be Steam About the author Well, hello ! I, Andy. I am the author of this story, and I hope it taste so far. In most of the emails that seem to want to know about me, , like my age, hobbies, etc. Now, I have 18 yearsold, I like to write, as you can imagine me, I love the poems and songs, and also to express by words. I want to be a doctor, my favorite color is blue, which looooove Ice is my favorite movie Easy A, and my favorite TV show is, friends! : D I love Chandler, and yes, I kind of have a sense of humor, and that sarcastic wit. : D Well, that's me, and if Preteen Nude Pics you have more Do not ask me please e -mail n Love, Andy
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